Please help me:

What has changed?

If you have not enabled location services (which you probably didn't if you are seeing this on the main page) we will ask for your Zip/Postal code as soon as you click one of the links.


Instead of making you go through several steps in order to show you animals, we have condensed the search into one step. Once you give us your zip/postal code, we will show you all the found animals within 10 (more if there were less than 10 results) miles of your location automatically. They are sorted first by the time since they were brought to the shelter (today being first) and then by the distance from your location.


As the landscape of animal rescue has changed, and some shelters transition from using defined breeds to the 'Mix Breed' label, we have decided we would rather show you everything and let you filter down to find the pet you are looking for. To combat ambiguity in definitions of what is considered a small, medium, or large animal, or if a multi-colored dog has a primary color of black, brown, white, etc, we have taken some of these filters off our website. We want you to have a chance to see pets that otherwise may have been skipped over in the filtering process.

Of course, you can still filter.

We know that many people who are looking for their pet, if it is a Chihuahua, don't want to see all of the Labradors. To filter the animals, expand your search radius, select specific shelters, etc, click on the next to the "Other" animal type. You can tap the icon again to hide the filters and continue looking at pets.


This website is dedicated to those people who work in animal shelters. Our society has given to them a difficult and often heartbreaking task. It is a daily struggle that is largely unseen by the general public, and no pats on the back are given -- rarely do they ever hear a simple 'Thank you'. Yet day in and day out they meet their challenge with compassion, dignity, and humanity. From we who notice, Thank You.

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